Efootball Football Free to

Konami presents its credentials. We already saw that they were with everything with Efootball, which is how the saga pes will be known from now on. And after having been able to try a beta that needed to improve, this paints different. If not, look at the Gameplay that has just published the Japanese company. 6 minutes of football in a new video that has been launched on the occasion of Gamescom, and that makes us know more about the jump to the free-to-play of sport king.

In the video, Konami shows us the changes in the gameplay that this game will have that, we remember, will be available for free in consoles, PCs and mobile devices . And each user will have the option to buy the game modes or options he prefer.

Although it is a free game, we see that the visual aspect is very careful, and that is especially noticeable in the recreation of some Licensed team players, such as Pedri or Piqué, from Barça **. The playing also denotes care, with the lighting derived from the architecture of the stadium or the lawn itself.

In the six minutes of video, some of the game options are explained to us, especially when it comes to having controlled the ball that, in PS5, will also have an incidence with the dualsense , its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. As we see, there will be pies of all kinds to try to overcome the rival defenses and physical battles by the ball that will give more realism to the other football. They also promise more realistic physics from the ball, something they have always demonstrated effectiveness and good to do in the saga.

It remains to be seen how you will manage your F2P philosophy, since in the video they tell us that some types of passes or animations will arrive through future updates. It sounds weird and worrying.

Konami promises that Efootball will evolve with the community feedback, and asks us to be attentive to future updates on your road map. Of course, this paints much better than what had been left seeing until now.