LOL The incomprehensible failure of Faker that cost him a title and complicates his life in Worlds

FAKER lost the opportunity to win a new title with which to swell your record. The best player in the story of League of Legends came from a drought of more than a year without raising a trophy and had the option of putting an end in a confrontation against Damwom Kia at the final of the LCK. However, he could not take advantage of the situation and was one of the individual failures of him what prevented the victory of T1 .

The nerves play a bad pass to Faker

The play in question took place in the fourth map of the series. T1 came with the intention of tracing or, at least, prolonging the tie a little more. They had an advantage in the gold marker, in the state of the map and in terms of dragons; But Faker rushed into a fight for the vision in which he ended up taking a false step . The player sought aggression over the rival Leblanc despite not having any support from his team to finish finding himself in an enclosure.

LS criticizes Showmaker's and BDD's laning
As a result of the action, the mid laner ended up falling with a timer of almost one minute until the reappearance . A starting situation that Damwom Kia took the opportunity to get a Nashor Baron with which just a few minutes later were able to close the game due to a new calculation failure of T1 players. Thus, with the most useful goal of all League of Legends in the face of pushing turrets, they could top the basis of their rivals.

Although it is a failure of positioning that we can see every as many games in the professional league of legends, is surprising that it is a player as a veteran as Faker who has not taken into account the general situation of the map to make the decision . More still considering that Showmaker is not a rival that needs more than the minimum opportunity to decant a confrontation.

The error condemned T1 to stay with the third or fourth place in the region (depending on future results) for the next WORLDS 2021. An unfavorable situation that could bring a complicated crossing and bitter the return of the player to the world championship.