While Suda51 Dream of Marvel Grasshopper has three new licenses in view

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. (, Kabushiki Gaisha Gurasuhoppā Manifakuchua )is a Japanese video clip game designer started on March 30, 1998 by Goichi Suda. They are well known for developing titles such as killer7 as well as the Say goodbye to Heroes collection.

The No More Heroes 3 launch show was for Goichi Suda the opportunity to confide and take stock of projects within the Grasshopper Manufacture studio.

Main teaching of this dissemination, the Japanese studio plans to release three new licenses in the next ten years, now that No More Heroes 3 is available and that the latter is presented as the final chapter of the adventures of Travis Touchdown. Create new licenses is in the studio DNA. Outside the franchise No More Heroes which belongs to Marvelous, Grasshopper Manufacture is best known for its one shot like Let it die , Killer is dead , Lollipop Chainsaw , SINE MORA , Shadows of the damned or Killer7 **.

Goichi Suda has recently confirmed on Reddit it is still in regular contact with Hidetaka Suehiro ( Deadly Premonition , The Good Life ) with a view to completing Hotel Barcelona , a joint project mentioned In 2019, but it still remains vague and does not seem to be part of the three new licenses mentioned here.

Perhaps more than an association with Swery65, Suda51 dreams to run a game in collaboration with Marvel Games, citing more specifically characters like Shatterstar, Quicksilver, Venom and especially Deadpool, whose madness could agree to him especially. We remember that the character had been rather unpackaged by Activision and High Moon Studios in 2013.