W rzburg Ziegner stays in Duisburg only the fan

In 1929 days it will be on Saturday. At that time, on May 24, 2016, Würzburg arrived with a 2-0 from the relegation sound in the Duisburg Schauinslandreisen Arena, won 2: 1 and rose after 38 years absence in the 2nd Bundesliga.

Now the times Remiss return for the second time. In June, the game ended at the Wedau 1: 1, now Würzburg paces the first win win. In the first six games, the FWK has played three times Remis and lost three times, the first threesome still lets wait. But: with a view of the youngest 1: 1 against the 1st FC Saarbrücken Stressed Trainer Torsten Ziegner at a press conference on Thursday morning: The reaction to the Freiburg game was exactly the right one, but I have given the guys to that that Must be minimum.

We will review all sorts of if-then strategies.

Torsten Ziegner

Against Saarbrücken, the times Remiss knew to convince, yet they conceded the compensation in the detention time – already the fourth late counter-traine succession. Logically man thinks from the 80th minute: whenever we got a goal, it fallen late, said Ziegner, but said in terms of victory previously underlined: At some point, one is just on it.

Pourié in the first eleven?

So that the first threesome succeeds in Duisburg, attacker Marvin Pourié could return to the starting eleven (Ziegner: That’s the only decision I have not yet met.) – Ziegner itself will be after his yellow-red card against Saarbrücken on the Tribune Square must take. Me only the fan roll remains, White Ziegner.

His assistant Michael Hiemisch represents him at the line. We will talk about all sorts of if-then strategies, then he meets the decisions, Ziegner explained.

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