Werder Bremens Weiser s crucial half hour

From a facilitated acclimatization Mitchell Weisers at the SV Werder Bremen can be assumed. The new entry, which is borrowed for a season from Bayer Leverkusen, reported on Thursday morning from several caregivers, which he has found in Bremen. Leonardo Bewtcourt described the 27-year-old as a very good friend, Marco Friedl he knew from his time at FC Bayern (I have noticed how he came up from the U 15 to the professionals, I am very proud of him) And with Marvin Ducksch Weiser shares the experience of the U-17 World Cup in Mexico: Such a thing combines the whole life.

Also sporty, the 2017 U-21 European champion already indicated on Wednesday at the 2nd: 0 test match win against the Dutch first division of Heracles Almelo, that he can help the Bundesliga relegated (Bremen for me no second division) in the designed goal, To match the front table sites. He was about 70 minutes without any start-up time on the square. He had no contact with the team and had to cope directly with the nature of our game, said coach Markus beginning, that’s demanding, but he did it really well.

Weiser: It was a heavy time

In Leverkusen, whispered, however, hardly played a role in sports; In the past Bundesliga season, the man, the Bayer in 2018 had committed for 12 million euros from Hertha BSC, only to five missions. It was a heavy time, but I’ve managed to keep a cool head, said the New Bremer, who had already discovered an outlet in this transfer period, I had already completed with a change.

After there had been some transfer cancellations for the day before, the Bremer offer was out of nothing on Tuesday, I have decided that within half an hour because otherwise I had no other options. That it has come now, fits very well, club and players want more. In Bremen, one hopes for the 140-color Bundesliga player back to old strength. Werder pays the player A normal second league salary, says sport chief Frank Baumann, Everything else is a matter between Leverkusen and the player.

Due to the commitment Weisers, the possibilities in Bremens cadres increase in two ways; On the right outdoor railway he can act both defensive and offensively. Against Almelo, the son of the former Bundesliga professionals Patrick Weiser initially started as a right defendant – which coach initially did not want to hang up too high. There is now a lot of interpreted, he said, with a view of the stem occupation of this position, at which the most recently used Felix Agu, which is flexibly applicable anyway.

Permanent Promise? I think that’s not good too

The fact that for wise as well as all the other the performance principle counts, as the beginning stressed, the new addition tags deliberately briefed: I have the option to play here, but Markus did not promise me a regular place. I did not think so well. He is new, needed to understand the game system and refresh his game fitness. Then I’m convinced of me but that I’m becoming regular, no matter what position.

These are the summers in the 2nd league