Abandoned no horror game no silent hill and no hideo kojima

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Blue Box has been working on Abandoned for some time, which made for many open questions and even more wild rumors and speculation in recent weeks. In the headlines, the title was last due to a disappointing app that not only caused technical problems, but initially has no significant benefits. A few days ago, a delay dived there a four-second teaser, which was already available on the internet before.

But the remaining stories around abandoned are quite curious. So several times the rumor came up that Hideo Kojima participates in the development and the players may expect a new Silent Hill. The editors of NME meanwhile had the opportunity to change some words with the Creator Hasan Kahraman. Immediately came details that contradict the rumors.

Shooter survival with a little horror

According to Kahraman, abandoned is a shooter / survival game, which is equipped with some horror elements. But a real horror game is not. It’s not what people think – that it is a silent hill, says Kahraman. According to his own statement, a look at abandoned could throw a look. The publication then confirmed that neither a Silent Hill still expects you a Metal Gear **.

In addition, during development was screwed on the concept. Accordingly, it is dispensed with a completely open world: First, we said it would be an open World Game, says Kahraman. But with the high-quality graphic we have now, we had to sacrifice. It is no longer really an open world – it’s a linear story.

Even in the course of the announcement, the Playstation Blog removed that Abandoned follows the story of Jason Longfield, which awakens in a strange forest. Further details suggested that you expect a survival horror with the title. However, the actual concept deviates from this genre.

Your activities should have in abandoned effects on the game character. For example, if you sprout, Jason is out of breath. If the protagonist is scared, he will be nervous, which should also affect. By contrast, Horror elements do not have much to see. In any case, not in the dimensions as Silent Hill or Alan Wake.

And also on Hideo Kojima Kahraman came to speak. He insists that the Death Stranding creator is not involved in abandoned. No, says his words when he was asked directly. No, absolutely not.

Cinematic trailer and prologue come

How is it going? According to Kahraman, a Cinematic trailer and a playable prologue will soon appear soon. Delays are not excluded.

The Cinematic Trailer will come very soon … really soon, says Kahraman. First we wanted to introduce him to Gamescom, but we just have to see if we can do that. The Gamescom is about a week? We do not want to make the same mistakes – we do not want to announce a date and then make it very tight for us again.

Other messages to abandoned:

  • Development was negatively influenced by the rumors
  • Linked pictures emerged from the mysterious project

The playable prologue should again appear shortly after the Cinematic revelation. While the appointment is still out, it remains to hope that the conspiracy theories take an end.

Further messages to abandoned.

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