Hilbert brings completely surprisingly silver over the 50 km Olympic

Unbelieving Jonathan Hilbert took his head and then burst into tears. The 26-year-old from the LG Ohra Energy has provided the farewell performance of the 50-kilometer walker from the Olympic stage for a sensation and won after a tactically brilliant presentation of silver. 29 years after the Bronze Coup of today’s national trainer Ronald Weigel near Olympia in Barcelona Hilbert wrote his own chapter German gather history. After gold for Malaika Mihambo in the long jump and silver for discusserin Kristin Pudenz, it was third German athletics medals at the Olympics in Tokyo.

“If someone told me this morning, I would have showing the bird,” he said after the finish in Sapporo in the ARD. At the end, Hilbert were missing only 36 seconds on Olympic champion Dawid Toma from Poland (3:50:08 hours). According to four 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, the Canadians Evan Dunfee (+51 seconds) bronze won.

Carl Dohmann from Baden-Baden came as a 33th goal (+17: 10 minutes), the Bühlertal Nathaniel Seiler was 42. (+25: 29).

Hilbert with tactical masterpiece

Hilbert offered a masterpiece in Sapporo, where the marathon and door-medal vapors had been relocated from climatic reasons. He stopped at the crucial phase in a pursuer group, which was the outstanding Tomala on the heels. The pole moved at the top in the meantime with a protrusion of more than three minutes of it. The German was in the middle of the fight for silver – together with Marc Tur (Spain), Dunfee, Joao Vieira (Portugal) and Masorra Kawano (Japan).

From the Quintet, about five kilometers before the end Dunfee had to tear down first, however, Hilbert kept herself. The newly educated quartet broke up later. Hilbert and the Spaniard Tur Gas gas, sat down and talked to each other shortly. “I asked him if we want to work together, I did not care if he gets silver when I have bronze safely. I did not get an answer,” says Hilbert. Shortly before the end, the door was then overhauled by Dunfee, the fourth place in Rio stood a medal this time.

Go: Olympic future uncertain

CSGO bronze (not silver)
Two kilometers in front of the target Hilbert separated from his cooling scarf, then his cap flew away. Now he also left the door and approached his silver sensation.

It was a farewell performance, because the International Olympic Committee has painted the 50 kilometers from the program. So far, it has not yet been decided whether the shortened version or a team-mixed competition with two women and men are recorded for the 50 kilometers in the summer matches 2024 in Paris.

The German medal winners of Tokyo