A new otsutsuki arrives at the anime of Boruto

Usually, an anime is late compared to your sleeve. In this way, those who are only enjoying the adaptation of _ Boruto _, are barely discovering a new otsutsuki , something that those who read this work, already lived. Thus, fans are more than happy with episode 214 of this anime.

In the previous chapter we discovered that the body of Jigen was actually the host of a new otsutsuki called Isshiki , which was Kaguya’s partner. Now, Chapter 214 revealed that Jigen, Kara and Karma brands have deep and unexpected links with the otsutsuki clan.

They opened the wound ?????????????????????? Latting # Boruto214 #Jiraya #kojikashin pic.twitter.com/av1y7u5org

  • Luu Cuervo (@ luuervo19) September 5, 2021

After a series of events that involve the death of a particular character, became known that the new Otsutsuki has the ability to shrink and grow instantly any object that he looks . Just before Koji decides to stop this creature, the chapter ends, leaving the fans wishing more. Now we can only wait for the next chapter to see how anime will adapt the events that love those who already read the boruto sleeve.

The 214 of Boruto was very good, the animation let him want but he fulfilled what is captured in the manga, Isshiki Outsusuki is imposing as it must be pic.twitter.com/xkuj6wkrrc

  • Mighty Jairo (@ Jairoch3000) September 5, 2021

On related issues, Jigen’s true identity has been revealed. In the same way, this is Kawaki obsession with Naruto.

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