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The abysses of the Key Resellers on Steam rich deep and some of these providers are trying to pull the money out of their pocket just unsuspecting players and players. This particularly threads out: You want to quit money for games that are actually free. Which key offers you should be particularly careful, we’ll tell you now.

Steam: Key resellers demand money for free games

On Steam it is possible by the buy at Key Resellern to make one or the other bargains and thus save some money. The actually useful function is now overshadowed by dubious machinations, in which unsuspecting players are simply ripped off .

Brand Community Developer Outstarwalker by World of Darkness has made aware of Twitter that players should not buy Keys on resellers for the freshly published Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt . Because the game is free.

With a lot of gossip Emojis she writes the following in her tweet:

_ Public service announcement: Does not buys Bloodhunt, it’s free. (Several key resellers pack a price tag to the Keys, it will be free and you can play it from tomorrow, does not buy it) _

From the 07 . September Players can rush for free in the Battle Royale Game. If you want to know how us has loved Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, you should take a look in our test :


Bloodhunt: a vampire battle-royale that is still missing on bite

Daniel Hartmann

Not the first case Dubious Key Reseller

Especially with coming games, the key resellers seem to have easy play, which is why this nasty stitch is probably worthwhile. Only in the recent past, such key sellers have offered the coming Frostpunk 2 for freely invented prices , even before the developers themselves had set a purchase price. (Source: Kotaku)

Should you want to make a bargain in Key sellers in the future, Make sure the best in the steam shop , which price the game of your choice has actually. And if the release is still standing out, it’s best to get off until the game has gotten an official price tag.

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Three-story Key Resellers find new ways of unsuspecting players and players to pull the money out of their pocket. They offer Keys for games for sale, which are actually free. Recent case This nasty rip-off is the newly published vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt.