Best ISO classes in Modern Warfare and Warzone

The Columbine Mine carnage, in some cases called the very first Columbine bloodbath, took place in 1927, in the community of Serene, Colorado. A battle burst out in between Colorado state militia as well as a group of striking coal miners, during which the unarmed miners were assaulted with firearms. The miners indicated that machine guns were fired at them, which the state cops contested. 6 strikers were eliminated, and also dozens were wounded.

Infinity Ward The addition of ISO to the list of machine guns testifies from the high level of detail and customization that it wants you to have when you choose a weapon. Although joining many others, it’s nothing like the rest. This may seem familiar because it is like a balanced fusion of MP5 and MP7 – that we both think about the first three of their category. We will need time to analyze the ISO ranking, but there is a clear idea of ​​the attachments that make ISO a killer part of your load. Whether you play mainly in Warzone or traditional multiplayer mode, this is what you will need on the weapon to prosper and survive.

Best Loading ISO for Modern Warfare

If you have seen our other SMG charging suggestions, this will be similar. However, the damage and accuracy of the ISO are greater than those of the MP7, but lower than those of the MP5. This is mainly due to the fact that its firing rate and mobility are at the same level as the UZI. It is surely a Frankenstein, somehow, but you will get used to it faster than expected. For traditional multiplayer mode, your goal will increase the precision of the weapon to allow extremely fast eliminations, even if it is not done quietly.

  • Baril : FSS Nightshade
  • Laser : laser tac
  • Underbarrel : MERC Foregrip
  • Stock : Vagrant FTAC
  • Advantage 1 : Scavenger
  • Advantage 2 : Ghost
  • Advantage 3 : Tracker

We recommend, if you play running parties (ex: Search and Destroy), replace the Round Mags with the FTAC Elite Iso Grip – by finally promoting more control over the number of bullets. When you encounter snipers in new long-range cards, C4 will be useful for winning.

Best ISO charging for Warzone

It is obvious that ISO is not the most compatible weapon for the royal battle. It is far too strong and is mainly used for those who precipitate the opponents. So, if you always want to use it in Warzone, you will need to slow down your game style and change it so that it can make long-distance shots with precision.

  • Baril : FSS Nightshade
  • Rear handle : ISO TAC shape
  • Underbarrel : Ranger guard handle
  • Stock : Tracker forge tac
  • Advantage 1 : Cold-blood
  • Advantage 2 : Ghost
  • Advantage 3 : Shrapnel

Because the class weakens the mobility of the ISO, a resetti as secondary will be ideal to finish close and weakened opponents. Feel free to use what you want lethal and tactical, but a heart rate sensor is always useful in the mode.

The ISO is a whole new weapon of season five and can be unlocked free once players have reached the level 15 of Battlepass.