Injury shock Rapids Christopher Dibon falls off indefinitely

Rapid Captain Christopher Dibon continues to be prosecuted by the injury spoken: Due to stress complaints in the defeated left knee and subsequent investigations, the Lower Austrian had to undergo arthroscopic intervention. Although the procedure was successful, then Dibon will fail to be indefinite. Due to a cruciate ligament tear, the 30-year-old already missed the entire season 2020/21. Although Dibon celebrated his comeback in summer, but the next setback was made. The injury history of the Rapid captain reads frightening. Cruciate ligament tear, side tape crack, hip fatigue, knee problems, yoke-bomaking, syndesmose border, strip operation, calf fracture – Dibon suffered injuries like only a few players in home soccer. Articles and videos about the topic Thierno Ballo at Rapid Vienna: The starting element is my goal Experience top sport live on Dazn. Get your free month now!