The US Box Office s first in law Mabor movie Chanchech came to Mapa

The US Box Office is the MABIL MABILITY ‘Cupch’ comes to Marvel Future Fight. The main person in the movie appears as a hero in the game.

Netmarble added its mobile action on its mobile action RPG Marble Futures ‘Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings’ content.

New Heroes and Katie emerged, and the Legend of Chanches and Tenringu, which can be worn, and a new uniform, such as a classic wearing a Legend of Tensan Lingz, Aero, Wave, and Sword Master.

In addition, we opened the Legendary Battle New Theme ‘Legend of Chanchu and Ten Ring. In this theme, you can play a stage based on heroes and backgrounds that appear in the Legendary movie of Chanches and Tenring.

In addition, we added a tier -3 upgrade feature and new Ultimate Skill, Wenu, Katie’s Potential Open Function, Aero, Wave, Sword Master Potential Awakening and Transcendency.

Finally, a new content ‘Timeline Survival’ that combines combat using a variety of heroes in a randomly generated map.

For more information, see Marvel Future Fighting Cafe.