FIFA 20 The Best Young Towers 10 Goals for Career Mode

Kean, MBAPP, JOVIC – How to take all 20 best young strikers of FIFA under contract

(Credit: EA)

It is crucial to win some of the 20 best young strikers of FIFA if you want to be successful in the career mode, which has finally experienced some urgently needed improvements. Regardless of whether you go to the start with a team from a lower league or play as one of the FIFA 20 Titans: If you undertake one or two of the best young strikers of FIFA 20, you have a goalkeeper for the future. Here is our list of the 20 best young striker of FIFA so you know in whom you need to invest.

Kylian Mb cap (Paris SG)

No surprises here. The World Cup winner starts with a rich overall rating of 89 – and its upper limit is even higher. He can reach up to 95, which makes him the best player of the game and even exceed Messi and Ronaldo. MBAPP is not cheap: He has a value of € 84 million and a wage of currently 135,000 £ / w. Therefore, only the top clubs – such as Barcelona – can offer early for him in the career mode.

Joao Felix (Atletico Madrid)

The Portuguese attacker is already on the rise at Atletico Madrid, and it is whispered to be a potential replacement for a particular Cristiano Ronaldo. Its FIFA 20 statistics reflect this, with the wondering already high statistics for Sprint Speed ​​(85), Reactions (83) and Dribbling (82). 25 million pounds are its current market value – calculate that it will be fast in height.

Moise Kean

Moise Kean is one of the cheapest of the best young FIFA 20 strikers. Its overall assessment of 76 could be low in order to have an immediate impact on some clubs, although it can develop into a striker of 89, which characterizes it as one of the more productive wounders in this year’s game. He is worth only 13 million pounds and comes with wages worth 38.5 thousand pounds a week.

Luka Jovic (Real Madrid)

The striker of Real Madrid may be a new entry in the Bernabeu (and therefore hard to get away from the first transfer window), but he will be worthwhile at some point. The maximum potential of the Serb is 89 and it is blessed with a five-star capability for weak feet. In conjunction with its placement at 86, this makes its value of 32.5 million pounds in the long run to a bargain.

Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan)

Some of the young strikers on this list are fast and have a high firing speed. Lautaro Martinez is the opposite – a complete rambock. When 88 jumping, 84 strength and 84 aggression does not fall into the eye, the potential of the Argentinian is: whopping 89. It could also be a SNIP with a start value of 24 million GBP and a wages of 55 thousand. GBP / W even the Prime Minister League midfielder can overthrow him, as they know he belongs to the best storms of the game.

Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)

The striker of Red Devils is basically already the finished product – although he, exactly like being able to live in real life, can achieve a true world-class level with a little extra development time. Rashfords 94 Sprint Speed ​​already makes him one of the fastest attackers in the game, and thanks to his five-star skills you can perform naughty moves like the sombrero flick if you want to embarrass the defenders. Rashford is not as expensive as they may expect: 31.5 million GBP and 110 thousand GBP / W.

Jonathan David (Ghent)

Fancy a bargain? The relatively unknown Jonathan David can grow one of the most deadly finishers of the game – his 79 finishing and 78 composure will only improve with playtime and training – and is only £ 9.5 million worth in the career mode, with a poor salary of 11,000 / W. If you meet the Canadian, you have to be patient so that he unfolds its maximum potential. Otherwise, you will receive a CF of a total of 87.

Patrick Cutron (wolves)

Patrick Cutrone, which has just made a big step in the summer transfer window, has great all-round statistics for a striker of his age and can create the jump from its start rating from 77 to 87, which corresponds to a jump of 10 matches sizes like its 80s finishing And Attacking positioning will be even better – the Italian could be terrifying in the third or fourth season. And if you already manage wolves, you have a certain entry for most of the year of a decade.

Rafael Leao (AC Milan)

Leao is one of the largest young FIFA 20 talents with 6 2 and offers the perfect combination for this year’s entry: pace and size. Its 88er acceleration immediately ensures a sensation, but its medium to high 70s are not reduced both in dribbling and strength. He can belong to them for something more than his market value of £ 10.5 million, while his salary of £ 24,000 / w does not overwhelm your budget. Amine Gouiri (Lyon) The striker of Lyon may have no appealing rating, but its 68 can jump in the right hands to 86 – which represents one of the highest reaches in FIFA 20. Gouiri is also a perfect project for a little smaller association: its value of 1.7 million GBP is poor, and even its 13,000 / W wages should be more than manageable for larger championship teams. FIFA 20 Review