Blue Fire launch trailer will definitely excite Zelda fans

Last month, when the release date of Blue Fire was revealed, we made fun of the game to be so similar to The Legend of Zelda. It is also the greatest elope that we can do. If there is a series that you want to imitate in terms of success and adoration of the fans, it is Zelda. That being said, the Blue Fire launch trailer published yesterday resumes the similarities with games like Wind Waker and accelerates them. Like, at the top. There is literally a photo in the trailer of a blond child in a blue tunic, holding a magic object like Link.

If you are categorical, like your old Zane friend, that Wind Waker is criminally underestimated in the Zelda series, you should consult Blue Fire. The art and design of the characters seem to go out right of the game. The whole game looks surprisingly like the darkest and most frightening parts of Wind Waker. Do not expect a total clone. The game promises more platform elements that become progressively more difficult. Let’s hope we are also surprised by something that gives this game its own unique identity.

If you are attracted by the Blue Fire by Zelda nostalgia, you may want to play the PC version on a controller, which is fully supported. The game is at a price of $ 19.99, but for next week, you can recover it with 10% off steam. Blue Fire is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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