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The Chain is a tune by the British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac, launched on their 1977 cd Rumours. It is the only song from the cd with creating credit reports from all 5 participants (Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, John McVie, and also Mick Fleetwood).
The Chain was created from mixes of a number of previously rejected products, consisting of solo job by Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, and also Christine McVie. The song was assembled, typically manually by splicing tapes with a razor blade, at the Document Plant in Sausalito, California, with engineers Ken Caillat as well as Richard Dashut.Following the vital and business success of Rumours, The Chain has ended up being a staple of the band’s real-time programs, typically the opening track. It was featured as the opening track on The Dancing, a 1997 online show CD/DVD launch, as well as several of the band’s biggest hits collections. The song has actually obtained particular fame in the UK, where the critical area has actually been made use of as the motif tune for the BBC and also Channel 4’s television coverage of Solution One.

In Korthia, one stumbles as a WoW player about all sorts of hidden items, unique treasures and peculiarities. But in addition to the unique lotstable items, which can also bring you a success, there are also treasures that you can plan on the new every day – such as the invasive sludge mushrooms or nests with items. Today we present you the spectral-bound chest whose principle you already know from Torghast.

The spectral-bound chest is always found in Korthia at the quorum of the seeker, with the coordinates 62.1 / 55.3. It is closed by three chains, which are nearby every day nearby. This system may be known from Torghast: You click on the keys and with each key found disappears one of the three chains. We have marked the key locations on the map for you, but also below the coordinates are recorded. The possible spawn places for the up to three spectral keys in Korthia. The Turquoise point is the chest itself. Source: chain

Where to find the keys for the spectral-bound chest in Korthia?

On the following coordinates, the keys can appear, which each remove a chain (so you can find one of the first chain key, you can save the others):

Key for first chain:

/ WAY 1961 50.5 53.7 First chain
/ Way 1961 52.3 53.2 First chain
/ Way 1961 52.6 49.7 First chain
/ Way 1961 54.2 50.6 First chain

With each key found, a chain disappears at the chest. Source: chain

Key for second chain:

Hidden and Dangerous 2 walkthrough: mission 5: africa 1 [HD] (Fifth mission)

/ Way 1961 59.2 56.7 Second chain
/ Way 1961 60.3 56.5 Second chain (difficult placement, sometimes stuck under a glowing crack in the earth, difficult to click)
/ Way 1961 61.0 58.7 Second chain
/ Way 1961 62.1 57.7 Second chain

As in Torghast, you recognize the keys for the spectral-bonded chest at the seafood, which rises from them. This helps especially when a key is buggy and lies under the terrain. Source: chain

Key for third chain:

/ Way 1961 57.5 49.3 Third chain
/ Way 1961 59.1 48.7 Third chain

/ WAY 1961 59.2 56.7 Third chain
/ Way 1961 62.8 51.4 Third chain

Coordinate data via WOWHEAD

What is in the spectral-bound chest in Korthia?

In the spectral-bound chest, it’s all about research relics, Anima, or a dormant weapon, which stands for two minutes in the fight. With properly luck, however, you also get Korthian equipment, media recaluations, or special back skins such as a watchful eye of the field guards and torture tools of the field guardian.

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