Werder Bremen Wiesser did not know the rule That s why Ducksch s dream goal did not count in Derby

Marvin Ducksch succeeds in the Derby against the HSV a dream goal to compensate – because teammate Mitchell Weiser does not know the rules, the hit will be rather canceled.

Werder against HSV, northern derby, floodlight, 0: 1, just before the break: free kick Werder from 18 meters. Marvin Ducksch zwirbelt the ball over the wall in the left angle. The compensation for Werder, which already plays at this time. Ducksch storms in the west curve, can be celebrated by the fans – but then suddenly a whistle sounds sound and referee Sascha Stegemann, who canceled the hit.


But why? Stegemann had released the ball, there was no attenuation. But already at Ducksch s start-up HSV player Protested Tim Leibold. Because the Bremer Mitchell wiser had to be carried away to a great Easye.

After Stegemann had released the ball, wiser hurried to the Hamburg Wall and stood directly next to the player posted on the left end. However, this has not been allowed since the 2019/20 season.

Werder s wiser does not know DFB Rule 13

In the DFB game rules it says under Rule 13: form three or more players of the defending team a wall, all players of the attacking team must meet a distance of at least 1 m to the wall until the ball is in the game. If a player of the An attacking team does not comply with this distance in the execution, an indirect free kick is imposed.

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And that s exactly how Stegemann: He took back the supposed compensation and continued the game with an indirect free kick for HSV. Stegemann was the target of Werder fans until the pauses, before the Stadiumspeaker at half-time informed the viewers on the legality of Stegemann s decision. The derby lost the Werderaner at the end after a large fight with 0: 2.