An original copy of Sonic is sold for 430 500 dollars and Yuji Naka is clear It s a scam

Classical video game auctions suppose a bubble that has not stopped growing in the last year. From there we had news like that of an original copy of Super Mario that was sold for 1.5 million dollars, marking a new historical record for the sector. But, from behind, a retention is hidden of accusations against the founder of Wata , the classic video game rating agency, after discovering that the individual rated his own ratings of 9.0 or higher and sold them at prices Elevated on eBay for your personal benefit.

Is a gotcha? This is a scam, right? Yuji Naka Why do we explain this? Because a Sonic The Original Hedgehog has been sold by all a pasture and Yuki Naka does not avoid thinking that it is a thymus. The most famous blue-famous blue hedgehog creator reacts to the sale of the game for 430,500 dollars with a message of the simplest: What is it? . Is it a scam? This is a scam, right? I was wondering if it was time for Sonic to reach a high price.

It may seem that at first Yuji Naka doubted that a retro game reached such price, especially because the auction jumped from $ 150,000 to $ 430,500 in a matter of hours. But, if perhaps, it seems that the director was expected an even greater price for his game: I saw the news that a mario was sold at a high price recently, so I thought Sonic would also have a great price But it has been different. I m sorry.

WATA and HERITAGE are the subject of accusations for a month beyond the criticisms against the founder of Wata, in the last month they have also circulated accusations against Heritage Auctions , one of the houses of auctions where the Retro games reach similar prices, for supposedly being computed with WATA to inflate prices. In fact, The founder of Heritage was an investor and member of the Wata Board before creating the auction house of it, facts that do nothing but increase the scrutiny around this bubble of The retro games .

But back to blue hedgehog of Sega , Sonic returned to our consoles this month with the premiere of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, the Remasterization of the 2010 Adventure for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Likewise, the 30th anniversary of the character left us with the announcement of a new Sonic game for 2022 that seems to be called Sonic Rangers. If you have not yet tried the last premiere of the saga, here you have the Sonic Colors analysis: Ultimate.