Destiny 2 Black Armory Mysterious DataPad Quest Guide How To Delet the Lost Souvenir

Test Izanagi s burden and claim the obsidian accelerator in this side quest

If you have completed the quest Destiny 2 Mysterious Box or are reasonably advanced, you also received the Destiny 2 Mysterious DataPad. The Data Pad is the key element for a separate quest, and although no powerful Railgun brings you, its reward is pretty cool and it s worth doing it. In some ways it is also more complicated than the search for Izanagi s burden. That s why we have put together a step-by-step instructions that help you crack it.

How to solve the mysterious datapad puzzle

The Mysterious DataPad contains a mystery that brings you to the Niobe Labs. This area is located in the southernmost part of the EDC. So sit down on the outskirts and drive over a broken bridge on Soyborner s Camp past south. But before they go to the laboratories, make sure they have the following weapons of the black armory: the hammerhead machine gun, the Spiteful catch bow and the Tatara gauze sniper rifle. You can get these weapons by unlocking the first three forges. You need all three to shoot the symbols in Niobe Labs. You also need Izanagi s burden or, if this is not the case, a friend who has it.

If you have made yourself the way to the heart of Niobe Labs, look for a lever under the central platform. This enables the Mission Lost Souvenir to shoot seven symbols in the correct order with the right weapons. The order is:

Shoot paper with bow
Storm cloud with machine gun
Shoot with a sniper rifle on the temple
Shoot sunrise with bow
Star shoot with machine gun
Hand shoot with machine gun
Shooting with a sniper rifle on the symbol of the black armory

The symbols are distributed in the main room. Read this video of Youtuber Esoterickk if you have problems to find them:

If you have finished the symbol sequence, shafts of take-enemies appear, including taking Knights, which are equipped with kinetic shields, which can only be damaged by Izanagi s burden. Normal weapons can damage you as soon as your shields have fallen. If you give them time for regeneration, you will receive only the drone shields of the black armory, but they need Izanagi s burden to kill them.

How to get forge essence

Clean up the recorded and continue with the next step, for which forge essence is required. To achieve this, you need to complete the volunteer, Gofannon, Izanami and Bergusia forge while wearing a full set of black armory armor and three black arms chamber weapons. You already have the weapons, so do not worry, and if you miss a armor, buy ADA-1 Forge Polymers for six Black Armory Schematics and 10 Legendary Shards per Piece. This guaranteed implementation losses in successful forge degrees accelerate their armor considerably – although they are still delivered RNG.

If you are properly equipped, grind all four forges to get the Obsidian Dreams emblem and an obsidian accelerator. You can exchange this with ADA-1 against Obsidian Radiance, with which you can easily modify your weapons of the black armory and can easily reinforce the damage you cause in the forging. You can also get additional obsidian radiation by completing more forging. However, these do not have the same special effect as the first accelerator – what I will not spoil because it is so ja really cool.