Lost Judgment How to find Ramen Post Ghost

Lost Judgment has many small fun secondary missions that attenuate the dark tone of the main story. One of those cases is to try to find a notoriously difficult ramen store to detect. Here is all you need to know How to find the post of Phantom Ramen at Lost Judgment .

How to find the post of Phantom Ramen in Lost Judgment

The case of forbidden taste

Once you delete this from the board at the Yokohama 99 Detective Agency, you must travel to Meng Wu to meet the customer, Joe Koike. Here you will tell you about the ghost ramen position that it seems that you can not find.

To progress in this mission, you will have to do it at night. After dusk, open the Buzz Researcher application and click on the keyword for Phantom Ramen Stall. Click on the cat that says Once you find the post of Phantom Ramen, I will be a true teacher. This configures a route point that will take you to Gull St and Pier St.

Once here, listen to the two entrepreneurs talk about the ghost position and how it only appears in the back alleys at night. It is important to keep in mind that you will have to listen to all this conversation to get the information you need. You will know that he did it well with this and the next two conversations when Yagami has an internal comment about it.

Go to the corner on the left and listen to the two homeless people talking and you will hear that a cat has guided one of them to the ghost Ramen. Once again, Yagami will notice this conversation when it finishes.

The last place is located in Chinatown. Go ahead and listen to the trio of people telling how they heard that the Ramen became cats.

After listening to this conversation, Yagami will contact Joe. Come back with Meng Wu and tell him what you found. He will suggest you try to become a cat friend to take you to the cab.

How to become a friend of cats in the trial

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Exit the restaurant and slightly left where a blue folder indicates it. If you do not have cat food, go to Poppo Mart and buy cat food; The nearest is close to the East Jinrai station.

After not being a cat friend with the food, you will meet Nekomiya, the guy who loved cats in the first game. He will tell you that you have to make friends with the cats, you have to interact with them and do things like name. This places a new marker on the map just right that is a yellow paw.

Walk on him and interacts with cats. One of the three cats will approach you. When the first cat appears, choose the name you think you can remember and associate it with that cat, as it will be important later.

While it is possible that each of the following options will work to create affection with the cats, the process that I continued was: remember the name of the cat, look at it with love, offer me food and then a pet. He built the cat affection to the point where we made friends.

It is also important to keep in mind that you can not choose with what cat you interact, because every time you come, you will choose the one that appears at random. That s why it s important to remember what cat you put a name. Fortunately, there is no overlap between the names.

Finally, all you have to do to restore interaction with cats is to get out a little to the street until you get lost sight, then return and interact with them.

Return to Yokohama 99

Once you have been a friend of one of the cats, a new score will appear on Yokohama 99. Once here, a cat will appear, queuing for a scene in which Yagami follows it to the Phantom. Ramen Stall.

Yagami will call Joe, who will be presented. Once the scene is completed, you will have successfully completed the secondary case of The Forbidden Taste.

That s all you need to know How to find the post of Phantom Ramen at Lost Judgment . If you are still looking for more information about the game, be sure to consult all the other tips, tricks and details related to a variety of useful topics looking at the gaming guide wiki.

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