Efootball prints

The match of the century has begun. After a year of asueto, Konami returns to the load with renewed energies. As if of a coach trying to change the direction of his team after several bad days, he changes the training, tactics and gives him an opportunity to those who are on the bench to form a revolution. In a similar way, Efootball is born, which sits in the stand at pes, with a change of name that wants to be more significant than it seems at first glance.

For more details on these changes, we attended an online presentation along with Klaus Ganer and Owen Adkins, from Konami , who explained us all the details of the game that comes willing to compete with FIFA 22. And, by the way, Clearing some of the doubts about what the process will be followed during the first weeks of a title that will be available for free, in FREE-TO-PLAY format, as of September 30.

From Konami they told us in the first person of the changes that Efootball has made regarding the last delivery of PES . And it is the basis on which they want to build this new future to return to the license to the place where it was not many years ago, governing the land of football simulators.

Changes in the gameplay to continue looking for realism

Konami has always been characterized by offering a much more realistic football than the one offered in FIFA ; There is little discussion about this. In fact, was the largest pes bay and has to be that of Efootball to unfortunate football offering the EA SPORTS saga.

For that they have made changes and, although we have not been able to play yet, we did to the Beta a few months ago – yes we could see a game in which some of the changes that promise us.

Among its novelties, Konami indicates that they have renewed the gameplay, especially in 1VS1 duels, affecting the motion of the ball and physical battles for contribute a new way of playing soccer . We will have several options for both haggling and defending, contributing verticality and realism at the same time.

Since the Japoon Editora indicates that they have made numerous research to carry out this new Gameplay of Efootball , following the recommendations of two luxury counselors: Gerard Piqué and Don Andrés Iniesta . Both have participated in the capture of images and movements, as we have already seen in a prior trailer, with the aim of capturing the essence of soccer in all its aspects.

The Manchego that a World Cup gave us with an unappealable right has been the counselor for the attack duels. The one responsible for him promise total freedom to dribble the defenses, leave the place of the bad leg and other actions. To execute these actions, we will have to play with the analog joysticks , which can also serve us to make themselves.

For the part of him, Piqué has been the defensive facet counselor, to transport virtual soccer actions of reality, such as forcing techniques through lagging organization, holding the position according to the spherical position or forcing losses . The corpulence of the defenses will be very important and with L2 / LT we can put the body to prevent the striker from continuing to fall into infractions. In the party we could see, we see that defensive is usually very good balances and tags depending on where the spheric is.

a match that will last more than 90 minutes

There are also News when it comes to jumped to goal , allowing powerful shooting. In addition, several types of pass will be added with improvements that will be included in later updates. The physics of the ball has always had a very optimal performance in the Konami saga and here he also promises that fidelity.

Twin Saga in 2020
In the game we could see, that by the way, it was a juventus – Manchester United captured from PS5 , we saw many interesting details. Especially in the animations of the footballers to which, although there is still a lack of work to reach FIFA realism in this aspect with Hypermotion technology, they are on the right track. Thus, we see different animations and transitions when removing band or goal that will make us feel like in a television retransmission.

One of the novelties presented by Efootball is Duel Camera that, sincerely, has left me feelings found. Zoom is zooming when we have the ball in a band to be able to see the action and the dribbles that we can do to the defense closely, and moves away when the action changes. But, on the way, it prevents us from seeing the location of the rest of the companions. We assume that you can deactivate.

They also told us from Konami that they will implement options designed for the streamers, so that they can be retransmitted by mutating the licensed music and avoid bans. Something to thank, the truth.

We have many questions that we could not do because it was a session in which issues were not accepted. We would like to know and be able to contribute more about the policy of updates, players and templates that we will have at our disposal and all aspects that want to make Efootball . It seems clear that will be a long process , and when the game is available on September 30, it will probably look little to what Konami wants. But it will be the first step of the many that we will follow throughout this new season, with the hope that they can return to everything.