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The series of macross is one of Japan s most important animes. Created in 1982 by Studio Nue, this universe of wicks continues to this day. With almost 40 years of history, there are millions of fans around the world who wish to honor this franchise. One of these is a French director, known as Jonathan Cordier de Mello, who needs our help to create a documentary focused on Macross.

Jonathan Cordier de Mello started a fundraising campaign on the site of Kisskissbankbank. Here he seeks to get a sum of € 15 thousand euros to create do You Remember Macross? , A documentary focused on the history and legacy of Macross. Although currently this goal was already reached , he needs € 10 thousand more to give us a folded version in English. Unfortunately, the campaign will end up in just seven days, so this goal could not come true. This is the description of the project:

The film will go back to the birth of Studio Nue at the beginning of the 70s, until the productions of the first series of Macross (1982-1983) and the film do you remember love? (1984). Finally, I will discuss its American adaptation, Robotech (1985), produced by Harmony Gold. Do You Remember Macross? Explore many interviews from several files, as well as hundreds of images, drawings and photographs, digitized in high resolution and mostly unpublished outside of Japan. Once completed, it will be available for free in Vimeo, in French version (and English according to the level reached) with optional subtitles in English.

If you are interested in supporting this project, you can donate money . The Macross series currently has several films, series, re-imaging, sleeves, spin-off and different types of adaptations. It will be interesting to see what is the perspective of Jonathan Cordier de Mello on this anime.

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