The developer of Lawbreakers says he failed because he was too awake but was

In August 2017, Boss Key Productions of Cliff Bleszinski tried to penetrate the competitive shooter market with Lawbreakers . However, it failed to do the kind of bosset he was looking for. But when it comes to why, Bleszinski has a particular explanation.

The head of the studio now closed came into detail in a recent post Instagram. He noted how he had pushed my own personal political convictions in an increasingly divided world.

Instead of the story is this game looks neat , it has become it s the game with the awake brother who tries to push his hackey politics with neutral bathrooms , has Written Bleszinski. Instead of these characters seem fun , it was it s the studio with the CEO who refuses to make his feminine characters more sexy. Instead of who will I choose, he is Become the diversity of shoes horns his game and then feels his own pets Béat in the interviews instead of just letting the product … talk about himself.

Bleszinski stressed how much it is normal to be political when your business or studio is created for an excellent product first . Lawbreakers is obviously not reached this point.

Although the game had its share of positive reviews, lawbreakers failed to establish a hearing for two reasons. He failed to have the entry point so that newcomers appreciate it in the same way as the more qualified players, and some were rehabilitating the idea of ​​paying $ 30 for a multiplayer game only, Especially with similar free shares on the market.

The game servers were closed less than a year after his release, after it was clear that Lawbreakers was not going to make a profit. After attempting – and stranded – to reach out to the crowd of the royal battle with the radical heights shortly after, Bleszinski closed the studio in May 2018 and dismissed his 65 employees.

Another problem with lawbreakers came from Bleszinski himself because it was very negative towards the media with respect to the reception of the match.

They are just looking for clicks, guy, he said during an interview with Gamesindustry International after the release of the game. As far as I m concerned, the press can take off. We will continue to create Our game for our fans.

Alas, perhaps lawbreakers was just not ready to break the pan as hoping Blaszinski. But the explanation awake ? It s a bit … there.