Batman comedy podcast involves comics with Batman The Audio Adventures Special

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The unique Batman: The Audio Adventures scripted podcast is underway now, and also it s currently motivated a spin-off comic book. Batman: The Audio Adventures Special will be a one-shot innovator to the popular superhero funny which puts Batman as a deputized member of the Gotham City Police Department.

DC s comic book variation of Batman: The Audio Adventures will certainly include stories from the podcast s writer/director Dennis McNicholas (Saturday Night Live), in addition to some from its voice stars Bobby Moynihan, Paul Scheer, and Heidi Garnder. Their stories are attracted by Leonardo Romero, Anthony Marques, J. Bone, German Peralta, Emma Kubert, Jon Mikel, Derec Donovan, Juni Bachelor s Degree, Jacob Edgar, Jesus Hervas, Rich Ellis, and extra.

For the podcast itself, DC as well as HBO Max employed Marques, Bone, and also Dave Stewart to picture their variations of Batman, Robin, and a lot more.

We drew from all various factors, comics, and minutes throughout Batman s history for these, Marques wrote on Facebook. Way excessive fun!

Take a look at their personality styles for Batman: The Audio Adventures right here:

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Batman: The Audio Adventures personality styles

Along with acquainted faces from DC s Batman comics, Batman: The Audio Adventures is likewise introducing new bad guys such as King Knife, Stoveplate Sullivan, and also Billy Wristwatch – which will all make their comics launching with Batman: The Audio Adventures Special.

Batman: The Audio Adventures Special 1 s major cover is drawn by Dave Johnson, with variants by Tom Haskard and also Francis Manapul. Check them out right here:

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Batman: The Audio Adventures Special covers

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Batman: The Audio Adventures Special 1 takes place sale on October 12.