Efootball 2022 Carlos Mart nez and Julio Maldonado Maldini will return to the microphones

Efootball 2022, the new and renewed delivery of the LONGEVA Konami franchise, premieres the next Thursday, September 30 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. renewed delivery is usual every year, This serenewed deliveryon 2021-2022 we have compared the title licenses with those of its eternal rival, FIFA 22. So we could not forget an element no less important: Commentations . And the new bet Free to play of the Japanese company will have two of the most recognized voices of the football panorama in our country: Carlos Martínez and Julio Maldonado, whom we all know how Maldini .

Carlos Martínez found in an Athletic Club – Real Betis of the Columbian Trophy of 1990 his first opportunity to narrate a match, and since then are more than 30 the years he carries in the profession . He is currently doing the same at Movistar Laliga, Movistar Champions League and the day afterwards.

For the part of him, Maldini hrenewed delivery become a very popular character within sport in Spain due to the impressive knowledge he hrenewed delivery about soccer from all over the world. He began his journey on television back by 1990 in Canal + with Alfredo Relaño, and currently collaborates in different spaces such renewed delivery Movistar +, chain COPE and hrenewed delivery even created his own YouTube channel in which he analyzes international matches.

EFOOTBALL 2022: The amazing change of the saga pes

The bet for the free to play format, renewed delivery well renewed delivery by entering game modes after the launch and modify the mythical name ( PES ) of a saga with several decades of history behind him hrenewed delivery surprised everyone. In Meristation we have already seen it and we have told you many things about it in our progress, highlighting that it is undoubted that it still is a large part of DNA PES ; If we look at the lrenewed deliveryt deliveries, elements such renewed delivery the physics of the ball or work in animations of the goalkeepers were qualities that you could only find here. But the direction varies towards the search for realism from the rhythm of the game. We no longer only talk about collisions, shooting or piercing, but the flow of the 22 footballers on the lawn .

Efootball 2022 will be available from next Thursday September 30 at PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox series X | S and Xbox One.