Undecember really looks better than Diablo 4 Gameplay with PVE and PvP

You laughed on how ~~ We compared ~~ I compared the undecember to Diablo 4 … Is it also for laughing now?

Here are the latest material from the game that shows undemember in all its glory: in the PVE and PvP game.

Although Technically Undecember is not a MMO game, it has all the most important elements of our species. Cities play the role of hubs in which we meet players, integrate and set off for further expeditions. There is also a Auction House (for sale or buy items), Enchanting, Crafting, Group Dungeons, Arena from Pvp, Gilding Battlegroundy or even rallies for 8 players or more.

Also pay attention to an English-speaking interface that only confirms that we are very close to the global edition (previous information talked about the premiere at the end of the year).

On October 13, Beta Tests Undecember are moving. Unfortunately, as we wrote yesterday, the first people who try this Hack n Slash (with elements of MMO) will be Koreans.


And finally the material from Diablo 4 (from the last Blizzconline) so that you have some comparison: