Sony Demons Soul Developer Blue Point Games Arguments

Sony is a long partner and a successful remake, such as <Demons Soul, and a remake of remake, and remasting the developer Blue Point Games.

September 30 (Local Time) Sony officially announced the news through the official blog. Human Hulls PS Studios Wheel said, Blue Point has presented new standards in visuals and gameplay implementations that represent each console in all projects. Broad professionalism in the world building of the Blue Point, the creation of the creation will be a big addition to the future assets of the PS Studio.

The cooperation of Sony and Blue Points dates back to 2006 for the first time Blue Points. At that time, the Blue Point launched the first original game .

Since then, the Blue Point has been sold out on the remaster of past works and remake. , , , , , and has been popularized in both the flat and consumers.

As such, the Blue Point Studio, which has been mainly on the project that re-create the existing games, but the first work to launch under Sony will be a self-IP game. In an interview with IGN, they said they are preparing to create a second original work by the way.

In an interview, Marco Trish Blue Point is a president The following project is original content. I can not tell you exactly what a game, but we will be a step of evolution, he said.

The Blue Point Studio is a team of career and most of the people with more than 15 years of experience. And all of them have developed original games. We are not a developer group specialized in remake and remasting, he said, he said.

PS is continuing to acquire the development company this year. Last June, a supplier who developed the , in July, in July, we acquired Nicks Software specialized in the console title PC transplantation. On September 29th, the Blue Point Games acquisition, we also announced the news of the British Developer Fabric Games.