World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic How to get access to the eye and your final bosses

Wow: The Burning Crusade is the very first growth collection for the MMORPG Wow. It was launched on January 16, 2007 at local twelve o clock at night in Europe and also The United States and Canada, marketing virtually 2.4 million copies on release day alone as well as making it, at the time, the fastest-selling PC video game launched at that point. About 3.53 million copies were marketed in the very first month of release, including 1.9 million in The United States and Canada, virtually 1.6 million in Europe, and over 100,000 copies in Australasia.

Blizzard has updated the contents of World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic to add the band the eye , where you wait for all the players Kael thas Walker of the Sun. In the following guide we are going to explain all the steps to get the Access to this area along with a list of its final bosses.

How to get access to the eye

First of all, we invite you to click on this guide, given that it is necessary to first fulfill a series of indispensable steps before starting with the exclusive missions of this new band. Specifically, you can start it from level 68, at which time you will have to talk to the Sophurus Earth Solmaner of the Bastion Hammer Wild if you are from the Alliance or with the Earth s Sackwife Sliver Hoof Sombrah Aldea If you are the horde.

From that moment will start a chain of missions, including some elite missions , which will be easier to carry them out with a group of players. This is all you must complete:

  1. Gul dan s hand
  2. Spirits of Fire and Earth Irachundos
  3. Irachundant water spirits
  4. Irachundos air spirits
  5. Oronok broken heart
  6. I was many things …
  7. A lesson learned
  8. The key of condemnation: history and truth
  9. Grom tor, son of Oronok
  10. The Condemnation Key: The Grombread Load
  11. The condemnation key – First piece recovered
  12. Ar Tor, son of Oronok
  13. Demonic crystal jails
  14. Lohn Goron, Bow of the Broken Heart
  15. The condemnation key. The load of ar tor
  16. The condemnation key. Second piece recovered
  17. Borak, son of Oronok
  18. About Cabazacards and eggs …
  19. The Buddle of Blood Thights
  20. Lose your head … by some thistles
  21. TRAVEL in Somaruna
  22. What Illidan wants, he gets …
  23. The condemnation key: Borak s load
  24. The condemnation key: Third piece recovered
  25. The condemnation key

At the end of it you will receive a letter from Khadgar, who will ask you to come to Shattrath, where A Dal will be the one who tells you the following steps to have access to the eye. Of course, for this you have to have already achieved level 70 and have completed all the above missions to start the next chain:

  1. The Tempest Key
  2. Proof of the Naaru: Piety – In this case you must go to the halls devastated in heroic mode and possess the Forjalamas key.
  3. NAARU Test: Force – In this case you should go to the steam chambers and the labyrinth of the shadows in heroic mode and own the tank key and the Auchenai key.
  4. Test of the Naaru: Tenacity – In this case you must go to Arcatraz in heroic mode and possess the forged distortion key.
  5. PROOF OF THE NAARU: MAGTHERIDON – For this last band you will need to end Magtheridon in Citadel of Infernal Fire.

The last one will be the one that will deliver you the storm key , the one you will need to open the doors of the eye.

All the final heads of the eye

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The eye is composed of a total of four final bosses , among which is Kael tas Hiking of the Sun. To face him, you have to defeat the other three first, which are the following:

Al Ar

Vacuum Doctor

great astromantail solarian

Kael tas Sun Walker

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