MMORE 11 2021 Big Khadgar is watching you WoW New World D2R und mehr

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We have the MMORE 11/2021 aka Issue 165 fertiggedengelt, geschnubbt and geplüht, and when the booklet rödelt from the printer, then you can do it from the 20 October 2021 refer to the trade … or a few days before that in your Letter box. Of course, if you are one of our dear and loyal subscribers. not that you are not? Let s get started here!

MMORE 11/2021

The new MMORE contains great stories! One of them about to rotate about themselves Archmage Khadgar that no means has moved to retire, but secretly, quietly stromert by the Shadowlands, a sneaky group to have quite the view. For this we tell you how in WoW playing an Assassin can and make you the new co-leader of Blizzard before Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra. With great enthusiasm, we also throw ourselves to the two gaming releases these days: New World and Diablo 2 Resurrected! The one scrutiny eventually have to undergo times!

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Some highlights of the MMORE 11/2021

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Letterbox episode 7 season 2

MMORE 11/2021: Big Khadgar is watching you! WoW, New World, D2R and more! [Source: Letter]

Our message from the editors: It s the Circle of Life!
To allerallerallererst at this point the really important message from the Editor: Simba, Karstens newest son, came into the world and is doing well! Congratulations to the small (or now slightly larger) family. Speaking: Maybe we ve changed the name of the newcomer. There is also the chance that we have changed the name of the Father! We do not tell! This follows basically just a big example of how calls Sebastian (name may have changed!) To give it ?, Sexy Purge , the developer of World of Warcraft. In recent weeks we have read a wide variety of comments on adjustments of icons, names, objects, successes and NPCs of you. And every single one of them has its reason for being. Should you want you with friends on the subject of talk that we pick up also in several places in this issue, please: Do not quarrel. Everyone has an opinion, and which need not be congruent with yours. How fair and respectful criticism can be expressed, you can understand in this issue, incidentally, also from page 74th

Was that then almost Shadowlands?

On the public test servers Shadowlands this day patch 9.1.5 place. Most features of the feel-updates can be tested already in full. Because these volumes are not really big; many adjustments that you facilitate the hero s life, played out in detail. And these details are numerically that we all tell you so many in our articles on the 40 highlights from patch 9.1.5. In general, we are dedicated to the topic of the month to the next WoW patch, so check it out from page 12! The editorial deadline there s this way still no release date. We ll see if this will change in the near future. What the future will bring the players after that is uncertain. We have speculated many times before in the past that a patch is 9.2 to complete the story of Shadowlands far as possible. But perhaps we are lucky! Honestly: Just the pandemic has the developer s work and appropriate resources put to the test, if not upside down. Perhaps it would be as good if the WoW-makers could take a little break, to bring Shadowlands with a patch 9.3 into a round and worthy conclusion. only the question arises whether the join the bosses of Activision Blizzard … that is of course an entirely different matter. What about you guys? Will you as soon as possible a new expansion of World of Warcraft have, or if the developers prefer to take the time to her to tell Shadowlands adventure? Leave us your opinion very much like to [email protected] or [email protected]!

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