Abandoned is back with a new game

After several months absent from the public eye, Blue Box Game Studio and abandoned are back. Through your official Twitter account, the study announced abandoned: Prologue , which is described as a complete game, and not a trailer or demo. In this way, rumors about the nature of this experience have resurfaced .

Although the details are scarce at the moment, Blue Box has indicated that abandoned: Prologue will be available during the first quarter of next year and this is a complete game , although its duration is still a mystery. This was what was said about it:

We will release an update for the application shortly with new advances and content.

The Prologue is a complete game and not a demonstration or progress.

I hope this has given you the same clarity.

We Will Be Releasing An Update For The App Shortly With New Trailers and Content.


Hope this Gave You Same Clearity.

  • Blue Box Game Studios (@bbgames) October 14, 2021

Along with this disclosure, the study has indicated that they have planned to update their controversial application for PS5, which will include new advances and additional content . However, at the moment they do not have a specific date for this.

On related topics, we remind you that abandoned has been delayed until the next year. In the same way, this way you can get this title for free.

Editor s note:

Although at the moment people are being a little more cautious, it seems that the rage for this game and its possible relationship with Silent Hill are back. However, it is better not to get excited. The study has made it clear not to be related to Hideo Kojima and Konami, so at the end of the day they are the fans who will be wounding themselves if their expectations are not fulfilled.

Via: Blue Box Game Studios