ROBLOX WACKY WIZARDS How to scare developers

With the Update of Wacky Wizard Halloween in full swing, a lot of new things have been added to the popular robrox potions processing game. From new ingredients and masks to new fear boards, which require you to elaborate potions to get sweet corn, there is a lot of creepy fun to discover. At this time, however, one of the tasks that you must do is a bit mysterious, since it is to scare developers with Pedos . In this guide we will explain How to scare developers in Wacky Wizards . Then, without more preamble, let s go, okay?

scares developers in Wacky Wizards

To scare the developers of Wacky Wizards, you will first have to prepare a cloning farts potion. You will need two simple ingredients to do this: a fairy and a rotten sandwich.

The description of this specific brew describes it as: «Mini-me versions of yourself!» Oh no, that s pretty disgusting, right?

Once you have prepared a cloning farts potion in your cauldron, go where the developers are. Once you find them, drink the potion and then interact with them. Look at the image below, if you find it difficult to locate developers:

Source of the image: Roblox Corporation through Carbon Meister Plays

Then Foryxo and Jandel will say, Ahhhhhhhhh, did not even know that this existed. And then you will be rewarded with 20 Candy Corn for your problems, which you can use to buy many great items as skins and the new pumpkin ingredient.

And that s all you need to know How to scare the developers in Wacky Wizards. If you wonder how to get the ingredient from the pistol or the alien parasite, we have it covered. And for more information about the game, be sure to investigate Wizards.