Xbox Series X Microsoft checks if consumers can repair even consoles

Microsoft is the first major technology company ready to deal with the right to repair movement that demands that companies allow anyone to repair their own equipment themselves.

Some major technology companies such as Microsoft and Apple make consumers impossible because they refuse to deliver spare parts to persons who are not authorized repair partners.

According to Grist, Microsoft has achieved an agreement with AS YOU, a non-profit investor group filed a shareholder resolution in June in which Microsoft is invited to examine the ecological and social benefits of a simpler repair of equipment.

An independent consultant should now clarify which benefits would bring a simpler access to spare parts and repair documents, including the issue of sustainability.

Microsoft will not publish this study because it may contain trade secrets and other protected information, but until early May 2022, a public summary of the results should be published.

Should the results show that smaller repairs are in their own advantages for consumers, Microsoft wants to provide new parts and documentation beyond his authorized repair network to the end of 2022 and start new initiatives to help local repairs.

Despite this announcement, Nathan Proctor remains careful from the US Public Research Interest Group:

We really appreciate what they do for this report, but when they emerge to prevent laws on repair, there is more to do.

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The dilemma for Microsoft is that one of the lobby groups in which the company is a member of pronouncing against law on repair: the entertainment software association is, the trading association of the video game industry in the USA.