During the day FC Bayern in the evening prison Grace application Lucas Hern ndez s last chance

One day earlier, Lucas Hernández was published by FC Bayern on Monday in front of a court in Madrid. The French international apparently remain only two hopes to escape a prison sentence.

Originally, the defender should arrive in the Spanish capital on Tuesday in order to accept his order for imprisonment imposed in December 2019. Now the 25-year-old ten days time to volunteer to go to prison , as the Supreme Court of Madrid (TSJ) announced. Maybe the former 80 million euro purchasing of a prison sentence can still be escaped.

Hernández, however, only have two legal hopes, the Spanish lawyer Carlos Barceló explained the picture . In addition to a change of amendment before the criminal court, only a merciless application before the Ministry of Justice remains, Barceló explained which possibilities of Hernández still remain.

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In February 2017, both the then pro by Atlético Madrid and his girlfriend were convicted after a dispute due to domestic violence to 31 days of charitable work, and a contact ban was pronounced.

Curios: Hernández and his girlfriend had reconciled after the dispute and married several months later. However, in returning from the honeymoon, the French was temporarily fixed due to the infringement of the continued applicable contact ban. In 2019, the 35th criminal court sentenced in Madrid Hernández to a prison sentence of six months. This should now compete for the Frenchman.

FC Bayern, in the evening prison?

Barceló, however, confirmed that Hernández could also compete his punishment in Germany: If he had to be detained, he could also compete in Germany, if he has residence there. Due to the shortness of the prison, Lucas could also be sentenced to his punishment Setup. This would be given the opportunity that the national player is still available to FC Bayern. Hernández would have to be detained in the evening in the evening.

Meanwhile, the Bayern star coming away without consequences appears: the Madrid-based lawyer Sven Wassmer gave against the SID to protocol that the real danger is that Hernández had to compete.

The court may otherwise apply an exception, but Hernández does not fulfill the criteria for this, since it is already impaired and the Spanish courts are strict at domestic violence.