Tales of Arise Where to find the Treasure Key of the Allell Palace

Tales of Arise contains dungeons that are relatively simple in the design, but from time to time a closed door or path feels intransitable. If you have a problem in Autelina Palace, we have it covered. Here is Where to find the Treasure Key of the Allell Palace in Tales of Arise .

Where to find the Treasure Key in Tales of Arise

The game will make you travel the Altarin palace more than once while completing the main mission in mind. The first time you enter the palace will be for peaceful reasons, while the second will become a kind of dungeon with guards attacking the group in sight.

There are some closed rooms and the treasure is one of them. To find the Treasury key, go to the staff dependencies in the northwest part of the map, next to the barracks. It is on the second floor of Allelina s palace. The key is on the desktop in the middle of the room. There are also 1,200 gallons on the floor to pick up.

Use the treasure key: the object of the land that you just collected to open the treasure. Inside you will find an elixir and a cocktail dress armor for SHIONNE.

You can also return to the Alelina Palace at any time in the future if you lose the opening of the Treasury during this section of dungeons.

That s all you need to know Where to find the treasure key in Tales of Arise . Be sure to consult our Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and useful information about the game, including the guides of the heads of each of the Lords that govern Dahna.

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