The Pixel Artist Hiroshi Ono known as Mr Dotman has died at 64 years

The recognized Pixel Artist Japanese Hiroshi Ono has died at 64 years after a long illness: Hiroshi Ono has been struggling to recover from his illness, but he died on October 16, is the brief statement we can read in A Japanese account dedicated to the work of the Creator.

Nicknamed Mr. Dotman, Ono began his career in Namco in 1979 and remained in the company, after his fusion with Bandai, until 2013. Throughout his career the visual aspect of Namco Arcade Classics deeply influenced through the Logotype design, such as Pacman s, and the creation of sprites where its contribution in Galaga stands out.

Many Japanese developers have used social networks to express their condolences for the loss of the artist: We pray for your soul. Thank you very much, Mr. Oon, writes Katsuhiro, director of Tekken and Ono s partner at Bandai Namco. Yuzo Koshiro, composer of Streets of Rage, has underlined the enormous influence of Ono s work: I was impressed with his pixelated illustrations that not only inspired my generation but have also endured the passage of time, we read between farewells.

Although from Bandai Namco they have not yet confirmed if they organize some kind of tribute to the artist, it is worth remembering that the premiere of a documentary focused on him and financed through microports on a Japanese website is still pending. According to the description, it uses new and archiving interviews to explore the enormous influence that Ono s work has had in Japanese development.