Suda51 not more heroes would be happy to revive an old Nintendo IP

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Goichi Suda, known as Suda51 , has already planned the medium-term future of Grasshopper Manufacture . They just launched not more heroes 3 in Nintendo Switch, his first great release since his overcoming with Gungho in 2018, and despite being a small study, they have ambitious plans for the next decade.

Suda51, in an interview with VGC, explained that they have planned to launch three games over the next 10 years , and the three would be new IP . He has already begun the preproduction of the first, which he defines as a game AA scale .

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He has not spoken anything about him, but maybe they take up the project he had next to Swery65 , the game of terror Hotel Barcelona .

Although Suda wants to focus on new IP, he is open to working with other licenses, if he was given the opportunity. Previously he already commented on him in working with Marvel in a game of Deadpool, and now he confesses another of him: to revive an old Nintendo franchise.

I have no concrete plan for the time being, but of course I am always open to collaborating with Nintendo, it would be very cool to be able to make an Reboot or Remake of some of its ancient IP, Specially those who have been asleep during long time .

If I were going to do something that surprised the players, I would like to do it with Nintendo .

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Suda51 signed in Nintendo Consoles La Saga for which it is perhaps best known: No more Heroes , whose first deliveries came out in Wii and the third installment, ten years later, is exclusive to switch (published by Marvelous In Japan and Grasshopper itself in the rest of regions, in collaboration with Nintendo for physical copies).

When he left no heroes 3, Suda51 announced that it would be the end of the saga. A little earlier, he admitted to having interest in doing no heroes 4, but it would be within ten years.

He did he left the door open to spin-offs , a thread that he retakes in this interview. However, instead of spin-offs of no more heroes or killer 7, two sagas of which do not have rights, Suda points to Remakes or Reboots of the first Grasshopper Games: Flower, Sun and Rain, Silver Case, Killers is Dead, Shadows of the Damned (The Silver Case will have a remasterization in Switch).

One of those who have more skaples is Killer is Dead , Hack and Slash of 2013 headed Hideyuki Shin.

You know that a director did suicidal squad and then James Gunn made the reboot, the Squadron Suicidia? I would like to do something like that, catch Killer is dead and make a remake called The Killer is Dead O something So.

As the game that came out was something different from what he had originally thought, it would be very interesting to revise it.

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Interestingly, James Gunn wrote Lollipop Chainsaw s script, Grasshopper Manufecture game that inspired one of the scenes of the suicide squad this summer.

Source: VGC.