Three new licenses and desires of remake at Grasshopper Manufacture

Travis Touchdown (Japanese: トラヴィス ・ タッチダウン, Hepburn: Toravisu Tacchidaun) is a fictional personality as well as the main antihero of the video clip game franchise Say goodbye to Heroes. 27 years old in the original game, he is both an otaku and a specialist assassin, possessing a Beam of light Katana. He was produced by Goichi Suda, and articulated by Kazuya Nakai in Japanese as well as Robin Atkin Downes in English.
He is called after the lead character of the movie Paris, Texas directed by Wim Wenders. He lives a way of life that is frequently compared to those of typical individuals as a result of his fascination with anime, expert wrestling, porn, as well as activity figures; nevertheless, this lifestyle has also been called an uber male fantasy. He has gotten mainly positive function, with MSNBC defining his look as richly described and flamboyantly developed . He has actually also been compared to other characters in fiction, such as Tyler Durden from Fight Club and also The New Bride from Eliminate Expense.

No More Heroes 3 Out the story of Travis Touchdown now – If we believe his creator – to what horizons are heading Grasshopper Manufacture? In an interview with our colleagues of Video Game Chronicles, Suda 51 evokes some slopes for the next ten years, between new licenses and remakes.

With Travis Strikes Again and then No More Heroes 3 , Grasshopper Manufacture has awarded the craft after his separation with GUNGHO in 2018, who saw a large part of his teams leave the ship. The ultimate adventure of Travis Touchdown has been designed with much smaller means than the previous studio productions, such as Killer is Dead or Let It Die . The company founded by Suda 51 thus finds a little going and now turns to the future. We have a general plan in place for the next ten years. At this point, we plan to make three titles over the next decade: Three news IP thus declared Suda 51 at the VGC microphone. In fact, we have already started the pre-production of the first title, but I can not speak yet.

Barely delivered from the exodus of a very large part of his team, the studio is obviously not ready to venture on the ground of the AAA and hears thus rebuilding step by step: I would say that he Probably acts on AA level games, that is, the games themselves will be level AA and that the basic team that will realize them will be relatively compact. . As a reminder, the heart of the team who worked on No More Heroes 3 did not exceed the twenty-five people, as evidenced by AHMIN in the article we devoted to five French developers expatriates at Japan.


Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition 4 -  Not sure this is how space works
That being, this famous plan does not seem yet engraved in the marble and Grasshopper Manufacture could quite move towards the remake of an existing license for the second or third of the projects mentioned by Suda: We could decide to create a New original intellectual property – The one we are currently working on – then to make a version of an existing intellectual property for our second game, and finally go back and create another new property for the third does it specify . Among the potential candidates to a possible remake , however, Grasshopper Manufacture is not spoiled for choice since the studio does not have No More Heroes or Killer 7 for example. But what does it matter, Suda 51 already has his little idea about the question: You know how another director first did Suicide Squad, then James Gunn made the reboot, The Suicide Squad? I would like to do something like that, like taking Killer Is Dead and removing it in The Killer is Dead or something in this style. Because the game that came out ended by being very different from what I intended to do originally, and revisit it to do what it was supposed to be at the origin could be really interesting .

Finally, Suda 51 does not hide his desire to work on other licenses and in particular in Nintendo, one of the studio s historical partners. It is indeed on Wii that the first episode of No More Heroes was born, exclusively at the time, and it is with this title that the notoriety of the studio exploded. The exit of the third opus, exclusive to the switch, marked a new start for Grasshopper and reaffirmed the links that unite the studio in Nintendo. It would be really cool to be able to work on a reboot or remake of some older Nintendo games that have existed for some time likes to dream Suda, Surtack all those who have been sleeping for a long time. If I have to do something that will really surprise all players, I would like to do it in collaboration with Nintendo. . In short, Grasshopper Manufacture does not lack desires and so there is only to hope that the studio achieves some of them.