New World With this trick you put your character perfectly in scene

Those who like to play MMORPGs, which is usually pleased at the sight of their own hero – after all, our Ingame Avatar presents our achievements, our good taste and how far we have brought it in a game. Some games meanwhile even put on Photo Mode (how, for example, Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2 have 2), which allows you to activate depth blur to make particularly chic screenshots. Such a mode is in New World, the new MMORPG from Amazon, not, but a player has discovered a cool trick, with which you put our virtual heroes perfectly in scene. The inventory of the online role-playing game helps us!

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This trick allows perfect character screenshots in New World

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Normally, the inventory view ensures that we are bombarded with information and icons in New World. Source: Amazon Game Studios If you open the inventory in New World, focuses the Ingame camera your heroes and misses the background deep blur. The Clue: Also in the Inventory view you can hide the interface, by default with the key combination Alt + H . You have already had a super shot where your hero is in focus without annoying inventory. Post such screenshots your chic Aeternum heroes right with us in the forum! Since you can also tell us directly which places Aeternum offer for a photo-date most!
If you look at the interface in the inventory of New World the interface, you get a great character shot donated. Source: Dead Redemption
Are you satisfied with the look of your hero in New World? Which armor set do you like most? Do you wish a photo fashion? Betrays us in the comments, we are looking forward to your opinion!

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