Beckham should be Katar face

David Beckham is said to become a new Ambassador of the million euros Nation Qatar and collect incredible 150 million pounds (177.2 million euros). According to a report of the English boulevardblatt The Sun, the football icon binds to the host of the World Cup 2022 for ten years and receives 15 million pounds annually.

David has always talked about the power of football to do good on many levels, quoted the newspaper a spokeswoman Beckham. The 46-year-old is looking forward to a great tournament .

According to Sun , Beckham is to believe in a visit to the capital of Doha, that fans could feel safe at the World Cup in about a year. Even rainbow flags should then be allegedly allowed in the stadiums, it said. The tournament, so be his firm faith, could make many things on site for better. In it his wife Victoria also encouraged him.

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Qatar is strong in criticism because of the disregard of human rights. Homosexuality is prohibited there. The exploitation and the death of several thousand guest workers also on WM construction sites has been interpensed many times.