NBA News Miss Management Agent of Marvin Bagley publicly attacks the Sacramento Kings

Marvin Bagley will probably not play a big role in the Sacramento Kings in the new season. His agent Jeff Schwartz has now criticized the franchise in a statement.

Sacramento informed Marvin Bagley that he will not be in the rotation for the first season game, which is completely puzzling, says in the statement. It is clear that you have no plans for him in the future, and yet they have waived potential deals before the last year s deadline and this summer, with a view of his worth. Instead, they kept him and do not want to let him play, which is completely contrary to the argument of value .

Bagley could not get his career in the Kings so far. In 2018 Sacramento at position 2 in front of Luka Doncic, after a decent rookie season, injuries and the Big one piled his role over the past two years, even if he recalled in the past season at 42 of his 43 assignments from the beginning .

For the new season, the last on his rookie contract, Bagley obviously promised a new opportunity, even if Schwartz espn has been trying for over a year to find a trade for his client. Sacramento, however, increasingly wants to put on small lineups where Bagley does not matter.

This is a case study in terms of mismanagement from the Kings organization, Schwartz scolded, which, however, did not ask for a trade. As espn reports, the Kings are currently not actively looking for a customer for the still only 22-year-olds.

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