The exquisite cosplay and provocative patie

Every week, the Assidue team of Cogconnected travels the World Wide Web to find the best cosplay to offer you, our loving drives. Well, every week except last week. I do not want to point out, but … Okay, it was my fault, I was in charge of the Cosplay last week and I completely forgot. I have been punished enough and I can promise you that this piece of the week will be more than makeup for my memory last week. So, let s move on. This week, I am delighted to present you an absolutely exquisite cosplayer that goes through Pattie Cosplay. Which attracted me to Pattie Cosplay, it is his extremely diverse wallet, which includes a large number of cosplays I had just never seen before. While it attacks some essential elements of the Cosplay like Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy and 2b to deny: Automata, it also delivers an incredible interpretation of Street Fighter Menat and an attractive version of Queen s Blade s threat. Let s take a look at his vast wallet.

Tharja – Fire Emblem

Homura – Senran Kagura Franchise

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