Uncharted What do fans say the first trailer of the film adaptation

Uncharted is an American film made by Ruben Fleisher and whose exit is planned in 2022. This is a cinematographic adaptation of the Uncharted video game series developed by Naughty Dog and Edited by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

  1. Uncharted: Differences between movie and game

For over ten years after the announcement of the Uncharted Film, Sony has published the very first trailers for the filming of the Naughty Dog game in the last week. The lead roles of Nathan Drake and Sully are taken over by Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. The material just made the fans of the series for many discussions. Previously, there were always photos of the set of the Uncharted movie.

How do you like the fans of the Uncharted Film Trailer?

We looked at the opinions and summarized a few statements. In general, the trailer has received a positive response. On YouTube, the video has already received over 185,000 likes – just under 20,000 users have provided the debut trailer from Uncharted with a dislike. Although the followers are not completely out of the cottage, but find that it has succeeded in producing a uncharted atmosphere with the film.

By contrast, there is criticism for the cast. For many fans Tom Holland is therefore not the best choice for the role of Nathan Drake. He was too young and just did not have the presence of Nathan Drake, which makes the games so unique. Nolan North, the voice of Nathans in the games, on the other hand, Holland s performance will be very good.

The Cast of the Uncharted Film

Some fans find that Mark Wahlberg would have been a better nate. In fact, the actor was planned many years ago as Nathan Drake in the film adaptation. At that time, the concept of the film looked completely different. Instead of the prequel story, a around the older Nathan was planned, but she had hardly had anything to do with the games.

UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film (2018) Nathan Fillion

Instead, the makers spoke of a kind of family history , in which we met Mama, Papa and Brother Drake, and who knows, maybe even great tart Gertrude Drake. Together, the Drakes had then experienced adventure. During the long and difficult development process of the film script and plans were thrown over the pile several times – fortunately, maybe you may say here.

For years a big fan wish was also Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake. The actor, among other things known from Firefly, seemed to actually in the role for an impressive fan film, officially he was never requested.

Who plays Sully in the Uncharted movie?

Instead of those of the Drake, Sony Mark Wahlberg has now assigned to the part of Nathan s father figure Sully. But his Sully interpretation also causes trouble. In particular, that Sully does not wear his iconic mustache, many fans blew very mad. Also your fat path gets Sophia Taylor Ali as Nathans Love Interest Chloe Frazier. As with Nathan, it is criticized that you would create your role too far away from the game template.

Does the Uncharted movie get a continuation?

A guess of the fans is that the makers consciously made some changes to the figures, so they can develop in other uncharted films towards the figures that one knows from the games. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg would therefore be equally older and better fit in their respective roles. And such a mustache must grow first … probably the success of the kinocasses should be crucial for a continuation.

Uncharted: Differences between movie and game

Because the movie relies on different scenes from the games of the series and implements almost 1: 1, such as the famous aircraft scene from Uncharted 3, also raises the topic of temporal classification questions. After all, the film is planned as a prequel as it fits together that Nathan experiences things that happen in the games to his significantly older age ego is completely unclear.

In general, uncharted some fans is considered to be too generic to the previous material. The uncharted vibe would barely come over over, instead it seems as if to have taken a 08/15 adventure film and slightly uncharted paint.

When is the theatrical release of Uncharted?

In a few months, fans can then form an opinion. The film adaptation comes to the cinemas on February 11, 2022. The film is only the beginning of a true media offensive who wants to drive Sony with his brands. So there is currently a TV series for The Last of Us in progress, most recently, a video was released from the set. And there is a connection to the Uncharted movie – Again, the fans are anything but happy with the beard of a main character.

Uncharted is another big topic again. Recently, Sony Uncharted announced: Legacy of Thieves Collection not only for PS5, but also for the PC for early 2022. This includes Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

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