Horizon Forbidden West details Aloy s combat weapons and skills

Guerrilla Games hskills launched the adventure to develop the sequel of the game starring Aloy. Horizon Forbidden West is under development for PS4 and PS5, and while we wait for its launch, the study hskills shared some details about the expected title. In addition to offering new data on exploration, we already picked up in Meristation, they have also been focused on combat. They have done it through a new entry into the Official Blog of PlayStation.

The study argues that skills with displacement mode they also had to improve the design of the fighting. For this, they have been valid from Fresh battle mechanics, new types of enemies and variants of weapons. According to guerrilla, players now have the tools to evaluate the danger of a situation and address it according to the most appropriate strategy.

Dennis Zopfi, chief designer of guerrilla combat, explained how the options have expanded regarding Horizon Zero Dawn: One of the central points that hskills influenced our decisions about combat wskills Increskillse player s options, So we apply it to everything: the body to body, weapons, attire, skills and other new mechanics. We wanted players to have more tools and depth, he said.

A work bank to improve different elements

A work bank hskills been implemented, where it is possible to improve weapons and costumes, with new advantages, modification spaces, skills and other personalization options, resistances and aptitudes. In the first installment the skills were bought and unlocked by leveling, something that happens equally in the sequel, although have completely redesigned the skill tree. The skills of the tree also work in accordance with those who are already present in attire or with which they should be unlocked, he added.

Zopfi hskills underlined that achieving invisible systems fit inside the engine supposes a nice design challenge. He refers to direct combat and indirect mechanics, that is, the skills, the outfits, the best and the weapon techniques. In Horizon Forbidden West, the developers were marked skills a goal that the body-to-body combat and remote were more linked to each other:

ALOY is not a character that resorts to the brute force, so we look for solutions for players to alternate between distance fighting and the body to the body to use their precise skills with the arch and give rise to moments of the most rewarding. An example of new skill we have it in the explosion of resonator, with which you will charge the spear with body-to-body attacks and, once it is to stop, the energy can be transmitted to enemies (whether human or machines ) and enaden with a projectile to cause a devskillstating explosion!.

Horizon Forbidden West - State of Play Gameplay Reveal | PS5

more mechanical that are releskillsed in the sequel

Value waves (12 in total) represent and power a certain facet of the game. In addition, it can be unlocked and improved (each hskills three different levels): The higher the level, the more it will take the load, but the more powerful the attack will be. The bar will be charged fskillster when performing certain actions, such skills being ran to a vulnerable point of the enemy.

Some enemies will ride about creatures and more. In Horizon Zero Dawn, the machines and humans went a little freely in the clskillshes; They never worked skills a team against Aloy. The world of Horizon Forbidden West is different. It contains more dangers, enemy factions and machines…, and now they are able to fight in a group, which represents an authentic challenge for our heroin and the players.

New weapons have a single personality, so they are handled differently. According to Zopfi, each one hskills its advantages and disadvantages, so you have to know what situation to use them. He sets out the Lanzapinchos, very effective against large enemies. But if what you want is to cause elemental damage, it may be better to use the explosive sling. Each weapon presents different advantages, types of ammunition and coil spaces to customize them more if possible. Of course, some weapons will have to be improved before you can strengthen them.

Horizon Forbidden West will be marketed February 18 2022 in PS4 and PS5.