Magdeburg comes for Olaf Jan en at the right time

Last matchday in Dortmund, Cologne has retracted the first away win since April, since four parts are unbeaten in the 3rd league: the team of Viktoria-Coach Janßen is currently in good shape. Of course there are self-confidence and is good to have started such a series. Especially in our tabular situation. In all four games one could recognize their own DNA, so Janic, especially in the game against Dortmund, his team had given 100 percent. Thanks to the most recently successful games, the Cologne connection has been developed to the non-descent places, currently standing in place 18, the saving 16th place is only a counter removed.

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Janßen with a lot of praise for opponents Magdeburg

Whether 100 percent against the league leaders, the coaches even doubt themselves: If that was 100 percent against Dortmund, we certainly need 110 percent on Friday night, the 55-year-old smelled at the press conference in front of the duel with the leader. Magdeburg is highly deserved on the first place. They are very variable with the ball, with Baris Atik have a different player and are extremely strong in switching.

It feels totally good.

Olaf Janßen

Nevertheless, Janßen s chances looks for himself and his team: The game comes for us at the right time. It feels totally good. I think the team will purify everything and require Magdeburg. Even the opposing coach JANßen knows only too well, with Christian Titz he completed the training as a football teacher in 2004. His colleague have been really great job since office at the beginning of February.

The Cologne wants to expand the series of unbeaten lots on Friday (19 o clock, live! At Janßen) and make another step out of the table cellar. The FCM would like to hold the pursuers from the body with the fifth victory in a row.