Pok mon Go Read the ramp lights in November

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Even in November, Rampicht hours are planned in Pokémon Go again. You can expect five dates with different bonuses that you can get per event evening. At specified dates, the focus is 60 minutes on a particular Pokémon, which spawn almost anywhere in the wild. We have summarized an overview of the ramp light hours in November below. The events start each always at 6 pm and take 60 minutes.

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Ramp light hours in November 2021

2 . November: Tuska – Bonus: More sweets for catching Pokémon
9 . November: Lampi – Bonus: More sweets for sending Pokémon
16 . November: Chelast – Bonus: More Star dust for catching Pokémon
23 . November: panflam – Bonus: More experience points for catching Pokémon
30 . November: Flinfa – Bonus: More sweets for catching Pokémon

Which ramp light events are worthwhile?

The spotlight events are worthwhile in November most in terms of the bonuses, because not all the announced Pokémon are particularly helpful in PvE at Raids or in the PVP against other coaches. The only ones in the list that could be reasonably interesting are Lampi, Chelast and Flinfa.

The second-generation-derived water and electric Pokémon Lampi brings you a passable fighter for the superliga with its further development Lanturn, so that a few points can be collected there. But there is certainly better candidates for this league.

With the further development of Chelast, Chelterrar, you get a solid plant attacker for RAIDs. Again, it should be noted that there is better plant Pokémon.

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Flinfa offers you the best water attacker in Pokémon Go. The final development of the Pokémon originating from the fourth generation is called Impoleon. Impoleon is very well used in RAIDs and comparable to other strong attackers like Kyogre or Garados. Also in the Superliga and Hyperliga the Pokémon can keep up well.

This Pokémon is available in the Rampsenvent in Shiny Form

As always, you can use the ramp light hours to expand your Shiny collections. In November, not all Pokémon are available in the Ramp Lights as Shiny. Tuska has not yet been a shiny form yet.

List of Shiny Pokémon in November:


Which limits event is worthwhile in your opinion? Write us in the comments!

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28.10.2021 at 14:12