Where is the Oracle on the Fortnite map of season 8

The dancing of the dental floss also called Dance of Dental Thread or simply dance of the thread is a dance movement in which a person repeatedly swings his arms, with the fists closed, from the back of his body to the front, on each side.

With the arrival of Halloween to season 8 of Fortnite we will receive news in the form of challenges and new perforated cards, and one of the last ones to appear on the hand of fortnitemar has been jonesy dark, which asks us to return the spiritual urn to the oracle.

Below you will find a guide to see where you are the oracle on the map of season 8. As you will see below, completing this challenge is sewing and singing because it is Jonesy Dark.

Remember that for Complete perforated cards You can always go to the telephone booths s to ask for missions to more than one character, but if you are in the area and you want to visit jonesy dark to complete Some kind of challenge, this map with all the characters will be of great help. You will find it west of angry accumulations.

Without further delay, here you have the map with the Oracle of Fortnitemar of Fortnite, courtesy of fortnite.gg. We hope you are very helpful during the course of the season to continue climbing levels at the battle pass.

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