Rise Online took off with Closed Beta New CLOSED BETA on Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine is a game engine of Epic Games used in the development of console and computer games. Since the first publication in 1998, the game engine has been used in numerous games and ported on various operating systems and game consoles, also games for the browser can be written.

A Rise Online is…?

Spiritual successor cult, legendary and still mega playable knight online. Turks (they do Rise Online and they constitute 80-90% of the KO community) concluded that a similar game would be useful, but in a modern edition. And so Rise online was created.

Rise Online World Gameplay | Closed Beta MMORPG
Running Unreal Engine 4, but maintaining all the most important elements of the original.

CLOSED BETA has already started. If you filled the application ( here ) and we have received an invitation from the creators, you can already drive on servers.

The number of testers will grow with every week, so the chance to receive the ticket is really big. Watch and wait patiently for your turn.

RISE Online has four classes, each of which can be developed in several ways:

Rogue: Assassin or Archer
Warrior: Attacker or Defensive
Priest: Buffer or Debuffer
Mage: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Arcane

RISE Online will work in the Free-to-Play model (with Blockchain technology that allows you to earn cryptolts).