Wow The new shop mount Solar heated fur ball in the video

Blizzard presents a new shop mount – the sun-warmed fur ball. The magical cat is the incarnation of a mighty animal soul from the Ardenwald and is ready to follow you everywhere. The nightfare have provided the kitten with a magnificent saddle and adorned with beautiful ribbons and jewels. The riding is now available in the game or in the Battle.net shop for 25 euros.

New shop mount for true cat ladies

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The sun-warmed fur ball adapts automatically to the highest ride for your character and can be used in the game both as a flight and ground riding. Considering when buying, however, that the sun s heated fur ball is not in World of Warcraft (Buy Now 14.99 €): Classic or Burning Crusade Classic is available.

In quiet moments, the fur ball brushes his fluffy coat and as a mountpecial chasing the kitten is playful to his own foxtail. At the official site, Blizzard describes the solar warmed fur ball with the following words:

Enjoy the fresh autumn with a cuddly mount – the sun-warmed fur ball. This amiable kitten is guaranteed to cuddle in your heart.

Make it comfortable to you with a purring new friend
This magical cat with emerald eyes and a bushy foxtail can carry you effortlessly through the countryside. But preferably, she keeps up in places in Azeroth, where the autumn sun seems through the trees – especially when a cozy campfire is nearby. With this fluffy of all mounts you are ready for every adventure.

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