The trailer of Lightyear is on the way to becoming one of the most successful pixar

Toy Story 2 from 1999 is the continuation of Toy Story of 1995 and as its predecessor a completely computer-animated trick film. He was nominated in 2000 for an Oscar in the category Best Song for When She Loved Me.

LIGHTYEAR Trailer (Pixar, 2022)

This week we finally received the first trailer of Lightyear, long before the rumors that placed the trailer premiere before the ribbon projection enanto that will reach the cinemas in the month of November.

Lightyear is the new animation film of Disney and Pixar that will take us to know the fictitial origins of Astronaut Buzz Lightyear, whose figure inspired toy that stars in the saga of Movies of Toy Story.

trailer of lightyear has lifted passions between their fans, because the visualization figures that he obtained when published are really high, reaching 83 million visits during the first 24 hours which was available since it was published last Wednesday.

So that we can get an idea of ​​what that number of visits is supposed, from comicbook compare the visualizations that other Disney releases and pixar obtained in the past under the same circumstances.

The last animated premiere of the company, Luca, only reached 28 million visualizations, while soul it exceeded it by little, with 32 million. Not even Toy Story 4 achieved eclipar to Lightyear, getting 62 million of visualizations. It was in the case of the incredible 2, when they were able to pass it, reaching the 114 million of visits with their first trailer.

On this occasion, it will be the actor Chris Evans who put a voice to the Pixar astronaut, instead of Tim Allen, who had been playing to the toy of buzz lightyear from the premiere of the first Film of the saga of Toy Story in 1995, revolutionizing the panorama 3D animation.

Pixar could be at a great success with the movie of lightyear, if your fans continue to maintain the illusion by the feature film when you are released in cinemas the next June 17, 2022.