7 details that make Elden Ring something much bigger and special than a Dark Souls

Elden Ring is an action-RPG computer game developed by fromSoftware and also modified by Bandai Namco Home Entertainment, from the collaboration between the Hidetaka Miyazaki video game creator as well as the author George R. R. Martin. Its departure is arranged for February 25, 2022 on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection.

We are still flying with the Gameplay by Elden Ring. 15 minutes of fantasy to learn more about one of the most anticipated games of recent years. Finally, its launch approaches and we can enjoy it in February; Although there will be debto before this month.

Meanwhile, we wanted to deny little by little the trailer of the new of fromSoftware, analyzing what this adventure will have of distinctiveness with respect, for example, to Dark Souls. Obviously there are similarities, but although many say that this is really a Dark Souls 4, it gives the feeling that Elden Ring is much more. It is the natural evolution Souls-Like and the combination of all the studio games of Hidetaka Miyazaki in one.

Elden Ring, a Breath of the Darker and Mature Wild

That is not interpreted that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not mature, which at all. But apparently, Elden Ring offers a more adult and dark vision than the link adventures. Of course, Miyazaki can not deny inspiration in the Nintendo game. In this way, and at least in this first impression, has reminded us more from Zelda than Dark Souls himself.

He has managed to arrive at one of the most revolutionary generation games. From the beginning we will have a huge map to explore as we want. We can guide us by the rays of light or marker, but we will have free will to move by an immense map, which has a good management and a lot of hidden places in the form of temples and dungeons. We will lose us for hours in your universe and we can not think of another plan better.

Much greater versatility to explore and find corners

Although obviously Elden Ring reuses many assets from the previous sets of fromSoftware, it also adds new things. And necessary. One of them, especially on a map as big as the one that we have ahead, is the agility of SINLUZ when moving. In that aspect, the horse plays a very important role.

ELDEN RING is More Than Big Dark Souls
There will be scenarios of various heights and, with spiritual springs, we will be able to promote us by ravines or jump down precipices to move easily and dynamically. We have surprised us, positively the agility and the transition with which to invoke and move with the horse.

more Sekiro that Dark Souls in combat

Sekiro, the last work until the date of fromSoftware, is a practically perfect game in its combat system. Battles that look like a dance between dodging, parrys and mikiris. And it is also special for the use of stealth, something that seems to have inherited this Elden Ring.

In the gameplay shown, there are several fragments in which they urge us to try to go unnoticed, because in a battle against a group or against an imposing creature, we will be sold. But choosing the trail of the infiltration will be rewarded with a simpler and pure way. Perhaps without honor, but the important thing is to survive.

Here, there will also be more intensity and variety at the time of specialize with different weapons, because all of them will have special attacks that can be decisive when it comes to overcoming a fray.

The spectacularity of the invocations

The invocations are a brand of the house in Dark Souls but, in the absence of more details about its operation, it seems that will charge a new dimension in Elden Ring. In the most complicated situations, we can ask for help from these divine figures, which we have seen from various forms in the fighting and, some of them, attack in groups.

They promise that there will be several types of them, and that they will give more details soon, promising several options so that the players experience using it s. And they will be complementary to the invocations of other players. Come on, we can prepare to see a lot of action on the screen.

more variety in scenarios

Artistically, FromSoftware games are an authentic fantasy. But in the Dark Souls, a dark and sinister touch can be predominated that can become a cargo sometimes. In Elden Ring, thanks to the immensity of his scenarios, we will find more variety than ever.

In the Gameplay we have been able to see forest forests, castles, areas full of ravines and cliffs, open places and endless options that our view will appreciate it.

the dungeons, a subworming for exploring

It is one of the aspects that have been promoted most from fromSoftware in recent months and, so we have seen in the video, the dungeons will give a lot of game. And many hours of it.

Most are not necessary to complete the adventure but, once again, as it happens with Breath of the Wild, it will help us to have rewards that make us simpler the way. Inside there will be numerous hazards and puzzles to be solved, to provide variety of development. Arrive at the end at all, it will not be easy. Only suitable for the best Sinceluz.

More routes and possibilities for SpeedRunners and not Hit Runners Each time a FromSoftware game comes out haunted with what the Speedrunners or, the increasingly usual do not hit Runners. While some blood sweats simply to spend the game, the community of this type of games occur at full speed or without receiving a single blow; Something that seems from another world. Elden Ring will take this content to another level, due to the opening of the scenarios as by the different areas that will have several of them, especially the most impressive castles and dungeons. That will make us see how they are wondering each portion of land to trim a few seconds or avoid clashes. It will be a funny evolution to see.