Wow TBC Classic Starting warriors or witches Speedrun

Do you still remember our Speedrun record news from the WOW-Classic era? As stunning quickly the clear times of the various guilds at that time were, so boring was normally their setup: packing so many well-equipped warriors, as it only works, to a rogue for improved armor weaknesses, a wizard for The most important curse, a hunter to the pillar and a few fire magicians for ignite.

If we look at the recent speedrun records of the last days from WOW (Buy Now 14.99 €): Burning Crusade Classic, then awaits us there a completely different picture. When the EU guild None of the ABOVE (Horde) on October 31 to clean the snake scrain just 48 minutes and 04 seconds, rich six warriors belonged to the 25-player heavy battles. In contrast to the Classic phase, this is quite remarkable, as one feigned warriors (and rogues), rather moderately to start the TBC era, the Tier-5-RAIDs are considered a rather non-fighter-rude and the best time of the front soldiers only in the Animal 6 area starts so slowly and then reached its zenith in the sunrish plateau. Despite this starting position, four of the six warriors in the Run were able to achieve an average DPS of 2.110 or higher.

That it goes even faster in SSC, then proven tonight the players of the US Guild Overclock (Alliance), which Lady Vashj sent almost a minute faster on the boards (47 minutes and 16 seconds). Her setup, however, fell out very caster -lestig, with eight witches masters, two magicians, two elementary shamans and a shadow priest. Incidentally, in both cases, a bear and a protective paladin have taken over the role of tanks.

How TBC Classic Was Beaten in ONE DAY!

Overclock is currently holding the Speedrun record in the fortress of storms: On November 2nd they could lay Kael thas after 48 minutes and 07 seconds. Here you even have mad 100 seconds ahead of place 2 – the setup looked very similar as in SSC.

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What does your RAID setup currently look like in TBC Classic? Do you pack everything that is there? Stack your specific classes? Preferably your remote fighter? Track us in the comments!

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